I am an artist and writer dividing my time between Louisville, Kentucky and New York City. In 1998, I came to America under refugee status from Germany, only after having fled from the war-torn nation formerly known as Yugoslavia. The last seventeen years of my life I have been an active participant of the "American Dream." Nevertheless, I found that even with a roof over my head and a university education, life did not feel like a dream. Plagued by perpetual self-scrutiny and long-term depression, I began to channel my experiences into photography. By way of self-portrait narratives, I hope to share and illuminate the prevalence of mental disorders and depression by exposing my own journey through their darkness. 
My desire for my self-portraits is to offer a candid and intimate glimpse into my daily struggles with guilt, anxiety, fear, and melancholy. However, I hope that my message is one of perseverance, the moments of my life presented before you were not the end of me.